About Equip Classes

Equip Classes help you get in community, learn about God, and have fun! Through an Equip class, you can experience engaging teaching and thought-provoking discussion to help you grow spiritually. We have a variety of class options, so there is a place for everyone to connect, feel comfortable, and grow together or on their own.
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Men's & Women's Bible Studies

Women's Bible Studies | Monday night at 6:30 PM
*Doors open at 6PM

Men's Bible Studies | Tuesday nights at 6:30 PM
*Doors open at 6PM

There will be a time of food, fellowship, studying God's word, and live worship.

Growth Track

Growth Track is our 3-week long class that introduces you to Adventure
This class shares the journey of Adventure Church and also covers in detail what we believe and why we believe it. We will cover how our church leadership works, what we value, what we spend our money on, and so much more. 
Growth Track will also introduce you to all the areas of ministry at Adventure. Drop in on Steps 1 through 3 at any time! You don’t have to take them in order.
If you have a desire to join the A-Team or you just want to learn more about us, then Growth Track is where you want to be. 

Freedom Basics

God wants to speak to each of us personally, and the Bible makes it clear that we were all born with the ability to hear His voice. You can jump into any class at any time!
Freedom Basics is intended to help you recognize His voice and receive the full impact of communicating with a God who loves you!
The classes contain principles that are the foundation of experiencing true freedom in your Christian life.


OSL is an intense yet highly effective, four week discipleship class that will increase your knowledge of the bible, give you a basic foundation of healthy theology, and help you to develop good bible-study habits. This class has 3 levels, ranging from beginner (OSL Level 1), to advanced (OSL Level 3).
This class requires you to start on the first week of the month. The reason for this is because there is a lot of content and information given from week to week.